Hey teens!
We know you lead busy lives packed with schoolwork, after school activities etc. That is why we give you the flexibility to decide how frequently you volunteer and for which programs. 

Program you can volunteer for:
1)  Friends at Home                
  (FAQ'S about Friends at Home)
2)  Torah Circle                     
  (FAQ'S about Torah Circle)
3)  Holiday Programs 
4) Teen Leadership Board

Here's the process to get started:

# 1 - Register 
Complete the registration form.

# 2 - Orientation (only for Friends at home)
After you register one of the Friendship Circle staff will reach out to you about the private orientation. All new volunteers who participate in Friends at Home are required to attend an orientation where they learn about the program and their role as a Friends at Home volunteer. 

# 3 - Reserve
Prior to each party an email is sent out with a link to a SignUp.com form where you can reserve your spot to come volunteer at that month's party.  

Still have questions?   Contact us icons8-woman-profile-100.pngwe love to help, otherwise go ahead and  Register icons8-plus-100.png