Get involved in a meaningful Mitzvah Project!

The Birthday Club is a monthly birthday party for children with special needs that is staffed by Bar and Bat Mitzvah volunteers. Each party is held at a different venue as we celebrate the children’s birthdays that fall during that month.

Additionally, Bar & Bat Mitzvah kids can also create their own personal fundraising page to support Friendship Circle and receive a surprise gift!

See a sample of an actual page of a Bnai Mitzvah Volunteer by clicking this link

Here's the process to get started:

# 1 - Register 
Complete the registration form.

# 2 - Orientation
After you register one of the Friendship Circle staff will reach out to you about the orientation. At the orientation you will learn about the program and your role as a volunteer. 

# 3 - Reserve
Prior to each party an email is sent out with a link to a form where you can reserve your spot to come volunteer at that month's party.  

Still have questions?  Contact us icons8-woman-profile-100.pngwe love to help, otherwise go ahead and  Register icons8-plus-100.png