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Rachel Brown's Bat Mitzvah Project

Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for visiting my Mitzvah project page. 

I have been volunteering at the Friendship Circle since 2017.  I am so proud to be involved with such an AMAZING organization that I have made it my official Mitzvah project as part of my Bat Mitzvah preparation.  Their mission is very important:  supporting kids with special needs by focusing on their abilities, not dis-abilities. 

Beginning in 5th grade, I was a buddy to a child as we participated in rotational activities.  We enjoyed doing things together like music, art, and food fun.  This past year, I participated in monthly birthday parties for the kids whose birthdays fell during that month. Depending on the child, I had to adjust and think of strategies to connect with them, but I had a lot of fun getting to know them while learning along the way.  I am passionate about working with kids to help them overcome their challenges and feel more included in group activities. 

The Friendship Circle relies entirely on private donations for programming, events and creating a fun and special environment.  Please consider contributing to the Friendship Circle to make a difference in these kids’ lives.

$4,583 Raised
$4,000 Goal
Amount Name Dedication
$100 Bonnie Manousos Rachel, What a great organization to be a part of! XOXO
$100 Tara Holtaway  
$100 Ruth Biddick Rachel such an amazing project. Way to go, can't wait to hear more about it. Love
$100 Melissa & Steve Hauber Great job, Rachel!
$100 Sara & Hugo Vasquez Way to go!! Amazing project! Congratulations!
$100 Steve & Rachel Soule  
$100 Jenny and Matt Triaca What an inspiration! Awesome!
$100 Karla & Rodrigo Elliot Great job Rachel, you have a big heart!
$100 Sarah Stone Way to go! xo!
$100 Laura Kaufer What a great project! Best of luck to you!
$100 Sally McConville Sounds like a wonderful organization to support. Well done, Rachel!
$100 Kim & Denis Lynch Great job, Rachel! You’ve shown such fantastic dedication to the effort!
$100 Sharon & Paul Edelmann Way to go, Rachel — Awesome project!
$100 Jose & Natasha Urdaneta Great job Rachel
$100 Lee & Krista Chichester Way to go Rachel
$100 Catherine & Brian Baker What a good fit for your talents! Best wishes.
$145 Anonymous Mazal tov!
$100 Emily Steiner Awesome job! Keep up the good work.
$50 Mary Ferrara Congratulations Rachel! What an awesome project!
$50 Jane Ferrara Great Job Rachel!
$50 Jennifer Groves You are a special young lady! Good luck!
$100 Heather Maurer Congratulations! We are so proud of you. Love, The Raskin Family
$100 Michelle Maffeo Congratulations Rachel on a wonderful project!
$100 Stephanie Maffeo Your project is close to my heart! Congratulations, Rachel!
$100 Karen Sabbath Keep up the great work. You truly make a difference!
$150 Ellen & Michael Brown To our favorite granddaughter. We are very proud of you.
$180 Judith Lehr Rachel, you have the biggest heart! Uncle Rusty and I are soooo proud of you.
$50 Kenneth Davidoff Great job Rachel! Love, Sarah, Kent and John
$100 Erika Sabbath & Nick Teich So proud of you!
$125 Deb & Vince Maffeo Your project brings personal joy to our hearts. Thank you and Congratulations!
$100 Felice & Gil Weinbaum Amazing Rachel! You are inspiring!
$50 Dave Biener Great project Rachel!
$100 Gregg & Allison Brown Way to go Rachel!
$50 Judy Goldman Best wishes on your amazing project with the Friendship Circle!
$100 Marsha Mintz & Lewis Winnecour We are so proud of you Rachel for your kindsness and compassionate big heart!
$25 Susan Sofayov Good luck with the project.
$100 Joe & Tracy Ucuzoglu Mazal Tov!
$100 Alan & Marla Siskind Mazal tov Rachel!
$100 Honey & Ira Giller Mazal tov Rachel!
$50 Lara Meisner Awesome Job Rachel! Love, Lara, Derek & Ellie
$50 Gail Murman Good luck Rachel, I know you will be awesome!!!
$50 Barat Dickman Great project!
$100 Nancy & Marty Engels Mazal Tov Rachel!
$100 Irene Szafranski You are making a difference Rachel!
$100 Dave & Beth Benoudiz Mazal Tov Rachel!
$100 David Mintz Congratulations on making a difference for these children!
$36 Lisa Ahern Mazal Tov Rachel! Love, Lisa, Michael & Erin
$150 Jennifer & Seamus O'Loan Rachel - we are so proud of you and your big heart & dedication!
$36 Lisa Ahern Mazel Tov, Rachel! Love, Lisa, Michael and Erin
$50 Peter & Michele Brown Yay Rachel!!!! Go get 'em!
$36 Shavitz Family Amazing job Rachel!
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