Torah Circle & Teen Scene -

The Torah Circle is held twice a month throughout the school year.

It enables you to leave your child or teen in the hands of qualified professionals and loving volunteers.

Your child/teen and their teen friend spend 2 hours together learning about Jewish traditions and holidays through a variety of activities including music, art, fitness and food fun.

It’s social! It’s lively! And it’s fun!

Ages: Torah Circle participants ages 5-13
           Teen Scene (younger young adults invited too) participant ages 14-23

Volunteers: grades 8-12th 

Time: 1:30- 3:30 pm (volunteers come at 1:00)

Location: JCC Rockville

Participant Fee: $260


NEW for 2017-18!! We are piloting a new program for the Torah Circle Group. For this school year we will be inviting typical peers to join the Torah Circle so that ALL the children can enjoy being in a inclusive environment. We are inviting children ages 5-10 to apply for this pilot program. See link below called Inclusion Friends Register. You will be contacted regarding training once your register.

Dates 2017-18: 

Date Activities Theme  


 TWD / Drum Circle / Art / Discussion Creation  
Oct. 29  TWD / Drum Circle / Art / Discussion Noach


 TWD / Drum Circle / Art / Discussion

Avraham /Sarah
Dec. 3*  TWD / Drum Circle / Food Fun / Discussion Chanukah
Jan. 14  Yoga/ Zam Dance/ Food Fun/Discussion Yitzchak & Rivkah

Jan. 28 

 Yoga / Dance / Food Fun / Discussion

Yaakov & Blessings
Feb 11*  Yoga /  Dance / Food Fun / Discussion Purim
March 4  Yoga / Dance / Art / Discussion Rochel & Leah


 Sports / Music / Science / Discussion Pessach
April 8*  Sports / Music / Science / Discussion Moshe
April 22  Sports / Music / Science / Discussion Aron & Har Sinai

May 6* 



Participant Registration Link


There are only 2 TC & TS Left!!! Sign up for them all below:

April 22, 2018

May 6, 2018 

Inclusion Friends Register