About Friendship Circle



Our Mission

  • To provide every child with special needs in Montgomery County and D.C., the friendship, inclusion and emotional support that they deserve.
  • To enrich the lives of our volunteers with the benefits of personal growth and fulfillment derived from selfless giving.  



Our Impact

380 amazing participants

  • 270 teen and college volunteers (from UMD and GWU).
  • 75 children and teens with SN
  • 35 young adults with SN

unique programs

  • Friends @ Home omeHom
  • Torah Circle
  • Birthday Club
  • Teen Scene Specials
  • Holiday Programs
  • Monthly events for age 18-30



Our Inspiration

Lovingly known as “The Rebbe,” Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of blessed memory, had an unconditional love for people that knew no bounds. He made everyone feel that they belonged, that they were at home. With a warm smile that would heal every aching heart, the Rebbe was always there, offering counsel and blessings, comfort and hope, and even material help, as well.

The core of the Rebbe’s teachings is that none of us is complete unless all of us are included. It is this concept that motivates the Friendship Circle.